Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame Orange Size 585

00 Classic Lightweights were Charlie’s specialities with rather distinctively when used for road work fitment for a rear brake only. Piggott Morris was a lifelong friend of Charlie Marriner and relates It was with The Southern that Charlie scored his many notable successes just after the war. Boult frames have now been discontinued. 00 Classic Lightweights two were built for short distance time trials and track work which were Charlie’s specialities with rather distinctively when Hyper Wizard Frame Jet Fuel used for road work fitment for a rear brake only. Rotrax Models Super Club A basic model built with Reynolds 1 double butted tubing in Save On 50535557Cm Full later years a cheaper 1 plain gauge version was also sold. 26Er Carbon Fat Snow But the market in lightweight frames diminshed geatly and in the late 1 Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame 0s the Rotrax name was either sold or licensed its not exactly known which to Witcomb Cycles in Deptford London. With the decline in the market they also built frames for other names too. Southern Paragon drew its members mostly keen racing men from the Winchester and Eastleigh areas of Hampshire. Thanks to Bob French the Veteran Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame Cycle Club’s Marque Enthusiast for Rotrax for help and advice and would welcome any information on Rotrax as a company or on individual machines. Bob French can be contacted on 01 11. He thinks he purchased it in the mid 0’s but many clubmen will remember him especially through the shop and his long and illustrious association with Southampton Wheelers C.

And in 1 they had started the manufacture of motorcycle Speedway frames which were to Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame prove to be a large success. And finally a factory produced image Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Colnago Clx 30 52 Frame of Rotrax Supercourse and Concours lugs in ‘bare metal’ form. The first two numbers eg 1 denote the year in this instance 1 1. The Shirley model at this time was offered built either from 1 butted tubing the De Luxe A or built from 1 plain gauge Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame Standard B. He may be Save On 53Cm M Carbon Fiber able to help with restoration enquiries relating to decals headbadges etc.

Far Right is an early Supercourse from 1 with the long spear point lugs but without the windows in the head lugs of later Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame Supercourses as illustrated earlier in this piece. Standard colour in the Rotrax range will be tangerine with black head.

The last was an all over chromium plated Concourse model for Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame use with a Sturmey Archer hub. The Club and Super Club models were Rotrax’s budget priced models before the Shirley was introduced around 1. Tim also produces Rotrax jerseys and the ubiquitous Rotrax cape to keep you dry on those rainy rides. The centre image is believed to be a Club or Super Club model from around 1 1. Three were Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame specials not based on any catalogue model. The Rotrax shop changed hands again in the 1 0s and closed only recently. The early 1 0s were a golden age for cyclists and Rotrax capitalised on a large market Mike Compton told me that over 00 frames were made at Rotrax in 1 1. He was their treasurer for 1 years 1 1 and President for seven 1 00. Jon Bayliss Great Deal On Carbon Fiber and Charles Noble rode VTTA Grand Prix des Gentlemen both on Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame their Rotrax machines. Rotrax bought out a new stock model the Shirley that was available in just five Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame standard sizes. This arrangement continued until the late 1 0s when the name came back to Mike Compton who by this time was building frames also under the Kingston name. Jon of course gained National trophies in his own right and his brother David as Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame a team member. Sadly Jon Baylis died recently and along with his brother David they were both two top riders with S. Below is a collage 2017 Upgrade Carbon Road Bicycle Frameset of detail features of the Rotrax Concours Frame Numbers Rotrax frames are easily dated and identified they used a small stamp for the numbers which were neatly punched round the bottom edge of the bottom bracket shell. In Cycling and Mopeds 11 November 1 an editorial piece on Witcomb stated The only change Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame in the Rotrax range which Witcomb’s acquired earlier this year is in the transfer design. Robbins Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame and Mr.

Mick thinks there was a third brother called Michael in the club as well. Charlie was a Winchester native and lived very happily in our fair Storck Scenero G3 City for the majority of his long life. Show frame with a retail price of 100 attracted a huge amount of publicity. Tourist In the 1 1 catalogue it was essentially a touring version of the La Premiere. Tim Maund points out that he has been building Rotrax road and track frames since the mid 0’s and has a blog at the blog also has a section on the history of the Rotrax marque as well as listing frames for sale.

And rode Rotrax. After 1 the market declined rapidly with the end of rationing. More images and details of some Rotrax models by Peter Underwood Rotrax Shirley Rotrax Club or Super Club Early model Rotrax Supercourse Rotrax offered different models as stock frames over the years the one on the left is a variant of the Shirley model from 1 with a pattern of the Nervex Serie Legere lug. Previous Rotrax Cycles Concours Road Frame to provision of frames by Rotrax Charlie had worked for Hyde Brothers’ cycle shop in Winchester where he built his own frame after hours. La Prima Built with Nervex Professional lugs this was only launched in 1.

He was a successful track rider who broke the track hour record in the 1 0s F. Thanet Silverlight frames were built in Rotrax’s workshops from 1 on. The first two were built for short distance time trials and track work which were Charlie’s specialities with rather distinctively when used for road work fitment for a rear brake only. Charlie did not ride a Rotrax Vel d’Hiv model but was supplied with Orge 700C Full four Rotrax frames in total the first in 1 by Mr. Mick Butler adds that at one time Charles Noble owned the retail side Orge Super Light Road of Rotrax Cycles Ltd.

Charlie Marriner of Southern Paragon CC riding his Rotrax track machine.